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IT is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. But how can you keep up with a world that is constantly evolving?

Simple – allow us to do it for you.

Having our experts on board is essential in order to ensure that you have the best technology running in line with your company. Most importantly, we offer the help and advice that is necessary to make sure that your IT solutions are performing properly and efficiently.

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    IT Support is an essential business process, in the same way as accountancy, legal and other business critical services.

    Fox IT offers businesses a wide variety of IT support packages that are bespoke to each company. We take into consideration business objectives, size and individual budgets.

    Even we need additional IT support sometimes.


    Because IT is something that is completely limitless; new technology is constantly released, there are updates to current technology on a daily basis and our skillset needs to expand and update in order to keep up with this.

    So, we make sure that we do whatever we can to stay ahead of the game. We don’t believe in sitting on the fence, which is why we invest heavily in pro-active maintenance tools that will constantly monitor your systems. It means that if an issue crops up, we know straight away. This minimises the chance of the problem impacting on your business, and allows you to keep running as if nothing ever happened.

    Our team becomes your team and is constantly on hand to provide you with the right tools and information needed to make sure that your current IT processes are running in line with your business objectives. We are real opportunists and work with you on an ongoing basis, not just a one off.

    We get to know your business so that when new technology is released, we know whether it will improve your productivity; we can improve your way of doing things, and once we are on board, we constantly look out for new ways of doing things even better.

    Are you just starting up and have nothing in place?

    No problem – we can get something set up for you to work with.

    How about an established business with plenty of processes already in place?

    That’s fine, too – we will look at what you already have and come up with a plan of action that takes into consideration what is working, and what isn’t. We then give you the solutions.

    Looking for something a little more traditional?

    We’re your guys!

    We also provide the time-honoured IT support services that every business needs to run, including:

    • Answering calls
    • Answering emails
    • Responding to your day to day IT support requests
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    Looking for an IT team that becomes a part of your business? Get in touch here to discuss your requirements and come up with a personalised plan of action!

    Fox IT Services

    Our team will assess your current security system if you have one and discuss any action points with you. We will put an efficient system in place that offers you peace of mind. Should anything go wrong – we’ve got you covered.

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