Whether we like it or not, sometimes, things go wrong. However, it won’t be the end of the world – as long as you have a backup plan.

At Fox IT – we love a good backup. We love talking about them, we love checking them and we love making sure that the one you have is available should you need to access it.

Our team removes any hassle from designing a bespoke backup solution and creates a system that will protect you should the worst happen.

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    Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    Have you ever had that ‘Oh my God’ moment when your laptop won’t switch on, you cannot access the server or the shared drive goes down and you desperately need something that is on there?

    Think about it – if the worst was to happen, what would this mean for your business? A complete shutdown? Days out of the game? Loss of revenue?

    Why take the chance?

    Technology, as brilliant as it is, is never failsafe. No antivirus can help if you drop your morning coffee onto your work laptop, which is why your backup system is imperative to ensure smooth running should any problems occur.

    System failures, hardware crashes and general issues where your technology just isn’t working; they all happen.

    Even now, we are still surprised when a business comes to us to tell us that they have no steps in place in order to protect their business. However, lack of an IT backup plan is mostly down to lack of knowledge.

    Enter Fox IT – we have all of the knowledge needed in order to carry out a proper assessment and create an effective backup plan that covers all of the possibilities.

    We don’t want to see businesses lose revenue when simple steps can be taken to ensure that they are protected and a backup is in place.

    It may be something that you put off until another day – but what if you don’t get another day because the worst has happened?

    Let us put an end to your chance taking!

    Do you think you already have a backup, or don’t know if your current system is effective?

    We analyse any current systems and test all problem possibilities to make sure it can stand up against them. If it doesn’t, we can fix it!

    Don’t gamble with your livelihood – get in touch and allow us to provide you with a backup plan that takes the dread away from an IT failure.

    Fox IT Services

    Having our experts on board is essential in order to ensure that you have the best technology running in line with your company. Most importantly, we offer the help and advice that is necessary to make sure that your IT solutions are performing properly and efficiently.

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