Why do businesses need IT Support?

It’s a question we’re often asked and one that we always try to answer honestly and fairly.

The simple fact is that most businesses are dependent on the continued operation of their IT systems, be it a simple pay terminal for a small shop, or the entire email system for an international shipping company.

Both clients of ours, however, the impact on their businesses are the same. If the payment terminal fails then the shop owner can’t take payments for goods and so the business is affected. If the shipping company email system fails then they can’t charter for shipping voyages and so the business is affected.

So it doesn’t really matter the size of the business the impact is felt just as keenly in both cases.

Our role in all of this is to prevent, prepare, resolve and mitigate any issues which may arise. We do this by monitoring critical systems so that we can prevent possible failures by taking early action in the first stages of a failure. We can react very quickly when a failure occurs by proactively monitoring and then carrying out a pre-arranged and tested plan for recovery.

So with IT support a business can understand their critical systems, and develop a plan for the failure of a system and mitigate its impact substantially.

In the earlier case of the shop owner, a spare second terminal is cheaply procured and kept on site, in the event of a failure it is simply swapped over. The downtime is minimal and with sufficient training is carried out by staff members and easily managed.

In the case of the shipping company, a backup mail system is put in place and in the event of an issue the mail system simply swaps over to the standby system without the loss of a single email and no impact on the business at all.
Without IT support a business has to react to the failure of a system and then deal with issues that arise, this invariably creates cost, downtime and the added problem of finding a suitable reputable partner to assist.

By choosing a valued IT partner such as Fox Information Technology then we can help to prevent and prepare a business for any eventual failure and help mitigate any issues that may arise, and this is just one of the reasons why we believe that businesses need IT support.