Windows 10 Update KB3194798 – Remote desktop Issues

Windows 10

One of our clients has reported remote desktop issues, when performing a remote desktop session from Windows 10 to a Windows 7 PC.

The first issue is that local printers are no longer accessible from the remote desktop session. There are no errors on the remote PC with regards to drivers etc., and this has been working fine.

The second issue is that when attempting to log off from a remote desktop session, it hangs with the words ‘logging off’ and then never actually gets to the stage where the remote desktop session closes down. The only way to close the session is to open task manager and then close the session by ending the remote desktop task (restart explorer in some cases).

After looking at the update history could see that update KB3194798 has been applied overnight.

This update KB3194798 ( is a cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1607 – October 11 2016 and addresses a number of issues.

Removing this update has resolved the two issues reported above and the client has reported that they can now log-off remote desktop sessions normally and also the local printers are now accessible remotely.

We will keep an eye on this issues to see if other clients report similar issues before allowing the application of this update again for this machine. It would appear that ‘build 1607’ continues to have issues following updating based on this experience.