Change scan file type from TIFF/jpeg to PDF – Ricoh MP C401

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From time to time we get asked to provide IT support for a client when a new printer has been installed.

Sometimes the default settings of new printers have changed from the previous printer/scanner and so a common request is that scan to email or scan to a folder is now saving the file type as a jpeg or a TIFF file, whereas previously it was a PDF document.

This guide will help to explain how to complete this operation on a Ricoh MP C401 multifunction printer from the administrator console.

Log into the printer as an administrator – normally these are admin as the username and no password.

Once logged in Navigate to the Device Management and Configuration settings as shown below;


Ricoh MP c401 Configuration Menu

Configuration Menu

This will then display the Configuration Menu, scroll down the page until you come to the Scan Settings;

Ricoh C401 Scan Settings

Initially we would normally look in the General, Scan or Send Settings to see where the file types are being saved as a TIFF/JPEG type of file and then change this to a PDF or Multi-page PDF. However, despite looking at this a number of times we still couldn’t see where to change these.

The place to look is the ‘Default Settings for Normal Screens on Device’;

Ricoh Multi-Page PDF

You will see above that the ‘Send File Type’ is set at Multi-Page: TIFF. Click the Drop Down box and then change this to Multi-Page PDF as shown in the example below;

Change to Multi-Page PDF

Then repeat the process for the ‘Default Settings for Simplified Screens on Device’

Mulit Page PDF simplified screen


That’s it you’re all done – all scans will now be saved as pdf.


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